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Australia releases 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper

The Australian government has released the 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper which amongst other key points, notes that China is “now a major geopolitical player with the capacity to influence virtually all of Australia’s international interests.”

The White Paper also notes that China is challenging America’s position as the dominant power in Australia’s region, and goes on to state that “The scale of Asia’s transformation is unprecedented. In a little over three decades the region went from one in which more than a billion people lived in extreme poverty to one with more than a billion in the middle class.”

Check out our infographic on the takeaways regarding Asia’s importance:

Download the white paper here.

Media Release: Deep Blue eCOM signs deal with another China municipal government

19th October, 2017: The Xuzhou Municipal Government signed the Xuzhou Foreign Trade Port project framework agreement with Shanghai WGQ ITOC (WGQ Group) and Deep Blue eCom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co Ltd (Deep Blue eCOM).

horace mak Horace Mak, GM Deep Blue eCOM, looks forward to the collaboration. “This is a very important project and I am proud to be a part of it, alongside the WGQ Group. Together, we believe that this is the first step in transforming Xuzhou into a progressive trading hub, which will have a positive impact on the economy.”

Read the full media release here.

Hong Kong Children, Babies, Maternity Industries Association Establishment Gala

April 11 2017 marked the establishment ceremony of the Hong Kong Children, Babies, Maternity Industries Association (HKCBMIA) at the Icon hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Hong Kong. Mr. Horace Mak, General Manager of eCOM Information Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd and Deep Blue eCOM Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd was invited to the ceremony and elected as one of HKCBMIA’s society directors.

At the ceremony, Mr. Li Guoming had the honour to be the chairman of HKCBMIA. Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Mr. Liang Junyan, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and Vice-minister of the Economic Affairs and Head of the Trade Department, Mr. Liu Yajun, and chairman of Hongkong Chinese Manufacturers Association, Dr. Li Xiuheng are some of the notable guests of honour, together with over 300 guests in attendance.

Mr. Li Guoming outlined HKCBMIA’s purpose in his speech, such as:

  • The close coordination and integration of the industry’s participants
  • Allow members to focus on their core competitive advantages to become high-quality enterprises
  • Set up an industry information database and strengthen communication among its members
  • Enhance the image of the HKCBMIA
  • Organize domestic and international business delegations to encourage alliances and cooperation with other international maternity & baby industry associations
  • Assist and develop the domestic and foreign maternity & baby markets
  • Host and coordinate exhibitions, sales, trade shows, research institutes, business matching services, and the like
  • Communication and introduction of management and technology
  • Conduct various management, technical, and marketing workshops on a regular basis
  • Become an industry association representative,
  • Closely coordinate and participate with the government, seeking different forms of government support and funding
  • Assist SMEs in effective business development
  • Provide relevant information and publishing newsletters
  • Organize regular fellowship activities among members

General Manager Mr. Horace Mak, as the society’s director, will utilize his resources from Ecom Information Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd and Deep Blue Ecom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, to provide multi-channel e-commerce solutions to HKCBMIA’s members and consumers as its contribution to promote and elevate the development of the newly established and strategic association.

DeepBlue eCOM Invited as Forum Panelist at The Covenant of Peony Global Cross-Border Industrial Convergence Summit

On April 15th 2017, Deep Blue Ecom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd participated in the “The covenant of peony-Global cross-border industrial convergence summit”. The theme of the summit was “the new generation of cross border trade, the new e-commerce, the new industry landscape, integrating new opportunities”, using the “1+2” structure, outlining a one main […]

eCBT Supplier Portal Launches at IBM InterConnect 2016!

Deep Blue eCOM Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. launches its eCOM Cross Border Trade (eCBT) Supplier Portal at IBM InterConnect 2016: The Premier Cloud & Mobile Conference, held on February 21-25, 2016 at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas.

The eCBT Supplier Portal is in line with Deep Blue eCOM’s 1-Stop Service for allowing global enterprises to quickly and efficiently enter the China market through the cross-border trade import channel. Key features of the eCBT Supplier Portal include:

  • Consolidation and management of global suppliers’ company information and qualifications
  • Product Master data filing, DAM, SKU merging, tax no. management, product management, brand management, and catalogs management
  • Order and ASN management
  • Manifest & Import Registration (Connecting to China Customs and commodity inspection system to process manifest, importer, brand, and inbounding registration documents)

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DeepBlue eCOM Presents eCBT at The Chinese Manufacturer’s Association of Hong Kong

On October 20, 2015, Mr. Horace Mak, General Manager of Deep Blue eCOM Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., also known as eCBT, introduced the eCBT Ecosystem, O2O online platform, and Offline experience center to The Chinese Manufacturer’s Association of Hong Kong (HK CMA). Meanwhile, Mr. Mak also introduced that eCBT is specialized in providing traders and customers with a one-stop cross border trade service.

Mr. Mak addresses HK CMA audience

Mr. Mak addresses HK CMA audience

The offline experience center of eCBT’s O2O platform, not only provides product demonstration, but also direct procurement of cross-border products, a leading and breakthrough innovation in China. Through eCBT’s service, customers can enjoy cross-border trade bonded services and have products delivered straight to their doorstep. This service model helps China consumers avoid buying counterfeit products, receiving damaged products, or even losing purchased products altogether while being delivered from overseas.

Mr. Mak also introduced the O2O model and cross border e-commerce site of Shanghai Waigaoqiao’s FTZ MALL. The venue’s full capacity is a testament of the enormous potential of China’s cross border trade market.

HK CMA attendees discuss with Mr. Mak after the eventHK CMA attendees discuss with Mr. Mak after the event

Based on advanced IBM information technology, the eCBT platform aims at connecting cross-border trade industries, establishing cross-border trade e-processes, and reconstructing a valuable ecosphere among local and international industries, to realize brand-new trade paradigm of “buy from global and sell to global”.

After the seminar, attendees showed great interest in joining eCBT’s community. Dialogues revolved around how impressive and innovative the eCBT’s platform’s potential is and how the attendees can immediately capitalize by listing their products into O2O experience center.

Together with Hong Kong companies, eCBT will launch a Hong Kong Brand Street to Shanghai Waigaoqiao’s FTZMALL, another innovative development for eCBT in the cross-border trade industry.

Mr. Cho and Mr. Kong of eCBT discuss with HK CMA attendees

Mr. Cho and Mr. Kong of eCBT discuss with HK CMA attendees


HKTDC Feature: DeepBlue eCOM Interview on Developing the Mainland Cross-border B2C Markets: How Hong Kong Businesses Can Work with E-commerce Platforms



Deep Blue eCOM Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.’s General Manager, Mr. Horace Mak was interviewed by HKTDC:

As cross-border e-commerce grows rapidly in China, some established companies have lost no time in seizing the opportunity to set up sales platforms for cross-border e-commerce and B2C online sales. One example is Deep Blue eCom Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co Ltd[1] and its associated website ftzmall.com, as well as bricks-and-mortar supermarkets and experiential shops at its Shanghai Waigaoqiao Direct Imported Goods (DIG) outlets. Together these provide O2O (online-to-offline) sales services to product and brand suppliers, traders, agents and consumers. Horace Mak, general manager of Deep Blue eCom, spoke to us about the development potential of cross-border e-commerce in China and about how Hong Kong companies can tap the mainland B2C online market via cross-border e-commerce platforms.

– See more at: http://economists-pick-research.hktdc.com/business-news/article/Research-Articles/Developing-the-Mainland-Cross-border-B2C-Markets-How-Hong-Kong-Businesses-Can-Work-with-E-commerce-Platforms/rp/en/1/1X000000/1X0A3PZY.htm#sthash.QgGsCAQt.dpuf

Deep Blue eCOM Signs “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with Jinan Free Trade Zone Development Center

On August 20, 2015, Jinan Free Trade Zone Development Center、Shanghai Cybernaut Deep Blue Investment Co., Ltd and Deep Blue eCOM Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Deep Blue eCOM”) signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, guiding the three parties to invest and fund the Jinan Cross Border Trade Operation Company.

Within close proximity to main roads and key highways, Jinan Free Trade Zone is characterized by an advantageous geographic location and convenient transportation. The Jinan Free Trade Zone is a centralized traffic hub for land, air, and railway transports, enabling them to “Accept things from all directions, and Communicate with all aspects”.

Deep Blue eCOM and Jinan Free Trade Zone Development Center agree to jointly operate the cross-border e-commerce and specialized-market cross border trade, mainly involving the following business areas:

    • Import and Export agencies
    • International and Domestic logistics
    • Comprehensive business inside Free Trade Zone, such as
        • Warehousing services
        • Exhibition and exchange of bonded goods
        • Direct sales of imports goods
        • O2O sales
        • Terminal logistics distribution
        • Financing
        • Guarantees and insurance
    • Goods tracking and tracing
    • Marketing promotions

It is expected to complete the preparation work in September and to start developing the Jinan Cross Border Trade Platform in the same month. This new platform is targeted to be operational online by December 2015.

This cooperation will drive transformation and upgrading for Jinan’s traditional superior industries while supporting the development of Jinan emerging industries. It will also help traditional industries upgrade, cultivate and guide innovative industries. This will eventually lay a foundation for Jinan to build new pillar industries and create new economic growth points.