Deep Blue eCOM Signs “Strategic Cooperation Agreement” with Jinan Free Trade Zone Development Center

On August 20, 2015, Jinan Free Trade Zone Development Center、Shanghai Cybernaut Deep Blue Investment Co., Ltd and Deep Blue eCOM Cross Border Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (“Deep Blue eCOM”) signed a “Strategic Cooperation Agreement”, guiding the three parties to invest and fund the Jinan Cross Border Trade Operation Company.

Within close proximity to main roads and key highways, Jinan Free Trade Zone is characterized by an advantageous geographic location and convenient transportation. The Jinan Free Trade Zone is a centralized traffic hub for land, air, and railway transports, enabling them to “Accept things from all directions, and Communicate with all aspects”.

Deep Blue eCOM and Jinan Free Trade Zone Development Center agree to jointly operate the cross-border e-commerce and specialized-market cross border trade, mainly involving the following business areas:

    • Import and Export agencies
    • International and Domestic logistics
    • Comprehensive business inside Free Trade Zone, such as
        • Warehousing services
        • Exhibition and exchange of bonded goods
        • Direct sales of imports goods
        • O2O sales
        • Terminal logistics distribution
        • Financing
        • Guarantees and insurance
    • Goods tracking and tracing
    • Marketing promotions

It is expected to complete the preparation work in September and to start developing the Jinan Cross Border Trade Platform in the same month. This new platform is targeted to be operational online by December 2015.

This cooperation will drive transformation and upgrading for Jinan’s traditional superior industries while supporting the development of Jinan emerging industries. It will also help traditional industries upgrade, cultivate and guide innovative industries. This will eventually lay a foundation for Jinan to build new pillar industries and create new economic growth points.